New Zils
New Zealand Pilsner
Light in color. Aromas of white wine grapes, stone fruit, and a crisp dry finish. A highly satisfying depth and slight bitterness.

4.5% ABV

Lake State
Helles Lager
Dark yellow in color with a white head. Notes of fresh bread dough and hay bales. Light body with a crisp, dry finish. Pairs perfectly with 10k lakes.

4.0% ABV

Elbow Bender
Kölsch-Style Ale
Brilliantly clear with a yellow hue and persistent white head. Aromas of grain, hay, and honeydew. Medium body and crisp, dry finish.
(Also Available as N/A)

5.4% ABV

Essential Industry
A clean, dry aromatic pilsner that’s true to style. Herbal/citrus aromas with a crisp, dry finish. An ideal spring crusher.

5.4% ABV

Orange in hue with a creamy off-white head. Aromas of grapefruit and burnt orange peel. Medium body with layers of hops coating the palate gives way to a hoppy clean finish.

6.8% ABV

 Good Good
Hazy IPA
Light in color with a heavy haze. Aromas of mango, orange and some melon. Subtle sweetness and slightly bitter.

6.4% ABV

This Must Be The Pale
American Pale Ale
Straw yellow in color with a white head.
Aromas of smoked oak, tobacco, and slight white bread. Medium body, high
carbonation, and moderate bitterness

5.2% ABV

Mayhem and Mischief
American Barleywine
Dark copper  in color with notes of fig, brown sugar, slight brandy, and cherry cordials.
Silky-smooth mouthfeel
with a gentle warmth and dry finish.  

11% ABV

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The Winter Hex
Cascadian Dark Ale
Dark, malty, and hoppy all at once.
Dual Citizen’s Six Year Anniversary Special!

7% ABV

American Brown Ale
Aromas of toffee, burnt sugar, and
slight chocolate. Smooth and balanced,
with a
velvety silkiness that is
extremely satisfying.

6.2% ABV

Laura Palmer 
Rotating Flavors
Bright and crisp.
“I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

5.0% ABV

Jort Life
Dry-Hopped Sour Ale
Orange in color with some haze. Notes of citrus, stone fruit, and lemon grass.

5% ABV

Home Improvements
(Collab w/Habitat for Humanity) 

American Pale Ale
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity teamed up with our brewery for the latest release of Home Improvements. The proceeds from this limited-edition brew will help support Twin Citites Habitat for Humanity’s House that Beer Built, expanding access to affordable homeownership in the Twin Cities

5.2% ABV

Aromas of light stone fruit, hay, and notes of white pepper. Medium body with a plush mouthfeel and a clean dry finish.

4.8% ABV

Tractor Ryed 
Rye Farmhouse Ale
Aromas of white peach, ripe apricot, and mandarin orange.

5% ABV