Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

Dual Citizen is a community-focused brewhouse born from a few simple beliefs. An understanding that substance beats trends. A recognition that community roots run the deepest.  The understanding that what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

Our core beliefs shine through in all we do. They manifest in every recipe we craft, every pint we serve and every conversation we foster. We’re not about chasing trends or trying to recreate another city’s vibe. We are about modern, inspired takes on familiar favorites. Prompting meaningful discussions. Purposefully bridging gaps and uniting our community through shared values and responsibilities. As Citizens, that is our duty and our obligation.

DCBC Code of Conduct

  • Dual Citizen expects all customers and staff to contribute to a positive environment that is free of hostile and offensive behaviors; i.e., free from harassment. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination can take many forms including but not limited to unwelcome, offensive, or derogatory words, gestures, jokes, pranks, teasing, pictures, photos, recordings, materials, postings, ogling, stalking, intimidation, physical contact, advances, propositions, threats, or violence. Harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature although it may be. Harassment may extend to those advocating, encouraging, or participating in any manner in the above behaviors.
  • Dual Citizen does not tolerate actions or conversations that are derogatory, discriminatory or that make customers or staff uncomfortable. You will be warned once, on continuation, you will be asked to leave.
  • At Dual Citizen, you are expected to treat all individuals respectfully, recognizing their human dignity, regardless of their diverse human characteristics: race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, size or appearance, genetic pre-disposition, religion, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status.
  • We will always seek to protect our customers. In the event of any form of discrimination or concern for safety; if you feel unsafe please alert staff and we will take necessary action to ensure your safety.
  • In consuming alcohol beverages at Dual Citizen, all customers must adhere to principles of responsible consumption.