Brewing Philosophy

We believe beer can be many things to many people. It can be a reward at the end of a long day or an accessory to a lazy summer afternoon. It can be an excuse to sit and talk with old friends or assist in the development a relationship that is new. It can even be a transcendental experience. But sometimes, it is best when, a beer is just a beer. We believe quality starts with simple ideas, good ingredients and clean execution. If you build from that foundation, it will speak for itself. From there, a beer can be anything you want it to be.

Current Tap List

The taproom always has a carefully curated mix of familiar favorites and one-off specialties. The selections change constantly, so no matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find a style you enjoy.
*Current as of 10/13/2020


Brown Ale - American

ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 35

Deep mahogany in color with a tan head. Aromas of toffee, burnt sugar, and slight chocolate. Smooth balanced beer. Slightly silky.

this must be the pale

Pale Ale - American

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 55

American Pale Ale with an orange hue and white head. Some citrus and light tropical notes in the aroma. Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe.

flying under the radar

Single Hop Saison

ABV: 5.2% | IBU: 40

Straw-like in color with a dense white head. Earthy aromas of clove with slight barnyard notes. A very dry beer with delicate flavors of Pinot Noir grapes.

the present is a gift

pnw - ipa

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 90

Brewed with 2-Row, Vienna, C-80, and Wheat and bittered with Galena and late kettle additions of Simcoe and Amarillo.

Cashmere rules Everything Around Me

New England Pale Ale

ABV: 5% | IBU: 70

Aromas of cantaloupe and honey dew. Soft pillowy mouthfeel with fluffy white head

mighty twerks vo.2 (crowlers only)

s.m.a.s.h beer

ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 74

Straw-like in color with a slight haze from dry hopping. Aromas of citrus, orange marmalade, and very dank. Hoppy with a dry finish.

golden greek

golden ale

ABV: 5% | IBU: 26

Aromas of lemon pith and slight black pepper. Finishes with more lemon notes, very smooth almost creamy texture.

county road (CROWLERS ONLY)


ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 15

Pours a pale straw color with a white head, slightly bready notes followed by a clean dry finish.

Essential Industry

Dry hopped German-style Pilsner

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 28

This Beer has all of the characteristics of a clean, dry, aromatic Pilsner that’s true to style. It has a nice hop aroma of Saaz, Loral, and Lemon Drop, followed by an herbal and citrus mouthfeel that finishes crisp and dry.

Hola Beaches


ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 58

Aromas of coconut, tropical fruit, banana, and some citrus. Tasting notes are soft on the palate with lots of pillowy hoppiness. Slightly sweet finish.

yard twerks

hoppy american wheat 

ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 35

 Topped with amarillo, julius and samba hops.

40% wheat, Aroma of orange candy, grapefruit, and citrus. Mouthfeel is slightly bitter, creamy body with a hoppy finish.

Currant Events

Conical Sour

ABV: 4.68% | IBU: 7

Lemon upfront with berry notes. Very tart with a dry clean finish. Light in body. As it warms you get even more berry notes. It almost tastes like pink lemonade.

Hop We Get Through This

Fresh Hop Pale Ale

ABV: 5.3%

It's the most wonderful time of the year (for a brewer). A delightful Pale beer with a slight haze and an orange hue. Aromas of cannabis, strawberries and freshness. A balanced beer with wet hops coating the palate throughout. A fresh finish inviting another sip. Cheers!

star spangled slammer

India Pale lager 

ABV: 5.7% | IBU: 88

Maybe not quite a slammer, but definitely one you'd want a few of on the lake or around a campfire. Definitely has a nice fruity aroma and bright flavors. The mouthfeel is initially fruit forward with flavors of melon and gooseberries then is followed by a hoppy, dry finish.

Home Improvements ( collab w/ the house that beer built)

West Coast IPA

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 80

Aroma is very citrus forward with notes of lemon, pear and honey dew. Flavors of citrus with a slight sweetness, finishes crisp and hoppy.

luck of the loons

helles lager

ABV: 4.6% | IBU: 14

Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat, and Caramunich malts. And hopped exclusively with Saaz. Golden in color with biscuity bready notes in the aroma along with some spicy notes from the Saaz hops. An easy drinking summer time crusher. 

Noch einen bitte! (another please)


ABV: 5.3% | IBU: 23

Copper in color with a tan head. Smells like sweet bread, leather, and slight fruit with some smoke. Baking spices up front along with sweet bready notes and some fruit. Light smokey notes in the finish. 

Firkin and Cask Program

Did you know that Dual Citizen Brewing Company features a different firkin on our beer engine all of the time? Our cask program allows us to infuse different flavors into your favorite beers from our menu. We add fruit, hops, spices, and other adjuncts to a production beer in a special keg and allow it to naturally carbonate and absorb the flavors over a two week period. Cask beers traditionally have a slightly lower carbonation than draught beers and are served at 55℉. The combination of warmer temperature and lower carbonation allows the nuances of the flavors to fully present themselves, providing a completely unique drinking experience. Each firkin is a one of a kind creation and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Check out our list of upcoming firkins to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these limited edition beers!

A firkin is a cask used by British brewers for delivery of cask-conditioned beer to the pub. A firkin holds a quarter of a barrel (9 Imperial gal; 10.8 US gal, 41 l). A firkin was originally coopered from wooden staves bound with iron hoops, but is now more commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum. Like all proper casks, it has a hole in one of the curved sides, to which a wooden or plastic bung (“shive”) is fitted when the cask is filled. There is a smaller hole in one of the flat ends, or “heads,” of the cask, which is also bunged. The bung is knocked out by the tap when the cask is broached. Although other sizes of cask are also used, the firkin is by far the most common.

A beer engine, also known as a hand pump, is a uniquely British dispensing device that is specifically appropriate for traditional cask-conditioned ales. The beer engine is a piston pump that allows the casks to be kept in a cooler cellar below the bar and the beer to be pulled or drawn up to the bar. Cask-conditioned beers have lower carbonation than standard beers because they are usually served at about 11°C to 14°C (approximately 52°F to 57°F). If a cask-conditioned ale were served through a standard dispensing system, the gas pressure and colder temperature would increase the carbonation of the beer, which would then lose its ideal balance of flavors.

Barrel Program

COMING SOON…Check back.

Seasonal Beer

As the seasons change, so does our taste in beers. Dual Citizen Brewing Company offers two different seasonal beer programs to keep up with changing tastes and weather patterns alike.


Dual Citizen Brewing Company brews four different traditional lagers throughout the year. Each of our lagers is fermented for a minimum of 4 weeks before being cold-conditioned for a minimum of 8 weeks. This long process allows for the lager yeast to properly clean up the off-flavor-producing byproducts that occur during fermentation, creating a crisp, clean tasting beverage. There is no shortcut or substitution for this process and we feel that our patience and commitment to quality speaks for itself when you drink these beers. Ask your beertender about our current lager offering!

Seasonal Lagers

Spring – Helles Lager-Luck of the Loons
Summer – Dry-hopped Pils- Essential Industry
Autumn –Oktoberfest


Spring: Saison

Summer: Hoppy American Wheat

Autumn: Fresh Hop Pale, Ryeteous Vibes

Winter: Barleywine, Winter Warmer


 Kettle Sours

  A rotating variety of experimental fruited sours. Check our beer list for current offerings.


Barrel Aged 750mL Bottling Program

We’re excited to announce our brand new 750ml bottle program! We will begin releasing our series of specialty and barrel-aged beer in shelf stable glass bottles. We feel that this is the perfect format for some of our rarer and special edition beers and we can’t wait to show you what we have coming down the pipeline this year as we expand our barrel program. We will be releasing the first three installments over our anniversary weekend. See below for details.

B.A. MYRTLE: Doppelbock

ABV: 11.0% / IBU: 25 / SRM: 15
Lagered 2 months in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels

QUINCY: Wine-Barrel Kettle Sour

ABV: 7.5% / IBU: 5 / SRM: 2
Aged 3 months in French Bordeaux Red Wine Barrels

QUINCY: Tequila-Barrel Kettle Sour

ABV: 9.5% / IBU: 5 / SRM: 2
Aged 2 months in tequila barrels

QUEEN: Tequila-Barrel Imperial Gose

ABV: 11% / IBU: 5 / SRM: 2
Aged 2 months in tequila barrels

(Must be purchased and off our premise by 10pm)


We have our own growlers and crowlers available for purchase and filling. In addition, we will happily fill any clean 64oz or 750mL growler. The majority of our beers are available in both sizes, the only real stipulation is that they must be purchased and off our premise by 10pm.