Dual Citizen is a community-focused brewhouse born from a few simple beliefs. An understanding that substance beats trends. A recognition that community roots run the deepest.  The understanding that what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

Our core beliefs shine through in all we do. They manifest in every recipe we craft, every pint we serve and every conversation we foster. We’re not about chasing trends or trying to recreate another city’s vibe. We are about modern, inspired takes on familiar favorites. Prompting meaningful discussions. Purposefully bridging gaps and uniting our community through shared values and responsibilities. As Citizens, that is our duty and our obligation.

We are proud to call the Twin Cities home. No matter which side of the river you’re from, we are all Twin Citizens. That’s why we celebrate our heritage, draw inspiration from the region and source local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We aim to use the bounty of our area to elevate both the beer we brew and the community we call home. The result is a brewery that is not only a reflection on, but a reflection of our community.

That’s who we are and what we celebrate.

We hope you’ll join our Citizenry.


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