Our October Dual Purpose pairs our Raymond Oktoberfest with ZOOM House. $1 of every pint goes toward helping families in transition find safe and affordable housing.

ZOOM House is based in Minneapolis and helps families find hope and a fresh start through their housing programs. They have twenty-two apartments that offer affordable housing, so families can experience the stability and safety every family deserves.

But it’s about more than housing. The ZOOM community provides residents with holistic support for their journey, so residents are able to grow, develop, and, ultimately, thrive.  The DCBC family believes safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human need and should be a basic right for everybody in this country. By working with ZOOM House, we hope to Increase awareness of the need for affordable housing in the Twin Cities and support ZOOM House. They are on the front lines of making that happen.  

Come get your Oktoberfest and feel a bit of extra Gemütlichkeit knowing you’re investing in lives and transforming futures.