Market: American Rauchbier

VITALS: ABV 6.0%; IBU 20; SRM 10

GRAINS:  Vienna, Smoked Vienna, Carafoam

HOPS: Sterling, Saaz, Hull Melon

YEAST: American Ale


40% of the Vienna malt base was smoked with Cherry, Apple, and Hickory woods, which dominate the aroma but are followed by a hint of citrus.  Full-bodied with a crisp mouthfeel. The flavor leads with heavy smokiness before giving way to a complex combination of hoppy citrus notes and malty sweetness.

SPECIALTY BEER: Collaboration

The Market is Dual Citizen’s first ever collaboration beer.  We were pleased to be approached by chefs from both OCTO Fish Bar and The Cooks Collaborative regarding this joint endeavor.  We first smoked the malt in-house at OCTO Fish Bar, located in Lowertown St. Paul, then invited the teams from OCTO and Cooks Collab over to assist in the brew.  We threw block-party at the taproom featuring a menu by Chefs Nick Vasquez and Grant Nelson, designed to pair with the Market.  You can find this beer on tap at both Dual Citizen and OCTO.